SPACE POLICE - STAR LAWS 1986 , color, 60 Min. an Anderson Burr Picture Produktion. Created by: Gerry Anderson & Christopher Burr; Directed by:Tony Bell; Music: Christopher Burr & Gerry Anderson

Scarlet-Blue-White Lt. Brogan warns the President of the Planet of possible dangers through the
"bad guy" V. Lann and his accomplices. The president undeterred by way of nature still decides to travel by monorail to Ultraville. However, Bron, the right hand of the President, has passed on the secret code of the Monorail to V. Lann because he is threatening his family. The President is trapped !
V. Lann poses an ultimatum: Either Lann's accomplices are set free from prison or the President will die.
Bat´s a SPACE POLICE officer on the train, deactivates the bomb. V. Lann makes his second move - he destroys the bridge the Monorail is heading to!
But Brogan and his partner Penny are able to stop the train at the last possible moment.

SPACE POLICE continues the idea of The Secret Service whilst Gerry Anderson combines real actors with puppets.
It is the story of Lt. Brogan (Shane Rimmer) - a real tough guy from New York with his Magnum gun who is posted to the 44th District in the Universe. His partner, the only other human person - is Penny (Catherine Chevalier). Her special quality: She can change her complete outer skin of her body into a hard silicone cover. The other officers of the 44th District are played by actors in costumes and mask and some puppets - so the three patrol men who are the same aliens - Tom (he has a very strong anti-gravitation power), Dick and Harry. Bats is a female 'cat-alien' with incredible sensoric abilities - with her eyes she is able to see every and all forms of energy.
The main "bad guy" is Mr. Big also know as V. Lann who is supported by E. Vile and the metal watchdog Megabite.

Die Regie führte Tony Bell, der Sohn des Produzenten Bob Bell, und Tony Bell, the son of the producer Bob Bell directed and Alan Killick who was working on earlier series of Gerry Anderson edited. The special effects came from Steven Begg (TERRAHWAKS and ALIEN). Camera was Alan Hume. For "STAR LAWS" aliens were combined with different puppet techniques. For some aliens stick puppets as high as 80-100 cm were used, others were played by actors in costumes and masks whose eyes and facial expressions were controlled via remote control.

For seven years Gerry Anderson was looking in vain for someone to buy his new series. As he had almost given up he incidentally found  a company: Mentorn Films. The format was once again worked on and SPACE PRECINCT was realized.